What is an individual lease?

An individual lease provides the resident with their own separate lease agreement and responsibility for only his/her monthly rent installment and applicable utility and parking charges. By signing an individual lease, the student takes responsibility only for their rent installment and lease terms and will not be held liable for any delinquent amounts owed by their roommate(s).


When is the first rent installment due?

Rent installments are due the first of every month.


Do you send me a bill every month?

No, bills are not sent to residents each month, but you may see payment reminders posted around the property.


How can I make a rent payment?

We accept checks, money orders, cashier’s checks and online credit card payments. We are unable to accept cash.


Who can be a guarantor?

A resident can act as their own guarantor if they can show documentation as outlined in the lease agreement that they have income greater than three times the monthly rent installment. All residents require a guarantor to complete the guaranty agreement.